Couple of lazy secretaries punished by Maitresse Madeline

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check out an exiting lesbian BDSM scene where mighty mistress Maitresse Madeline has to deal with two lesbian slaves at a time. Lots of really kinky humiliation and bondage punishments and ahead for these naughty secretaries, who was lazy enough for a professional dominatrix to be invited to the office for personal training!

Training a couple of lesbian BDSM slaves takes Maitresse Madeline lots of time and effort, but she does this marvelously! Dominatrix has been invited to the office to do something with the bad attitude of two lazy secretaries. Don’t worry: Madeline has plenty of kinky ways to make them quiet and obedient. Just watch and enjoy another episode where horny girls are being turned into submissive bondage slaves.

What do you thing is the first thing to do with the slave? Undressing! Maitresse Madeline starts by asking the sluts to take down their clothes. She allows them to have their panties on (it is not going to take long for them to be taken off also). What do you thing about being naked in the office: a nice little humiliation to start slaves training with! Maitresse Madeline is really clever woman!

The next thing these worthless subs are going through is spanking. Dominatrix bends both of the slaves over the table and whips their silky shin severely. The sound of these strokes is really loud: I guess this is the reason for those butts to change their color to red. Not limiting herself with any bounds Maitresse using her arm for spanking also. It is a really kinky thing to do: to watch dominant woman slapping another girl with her palm.

Meanwhile it is time for some tit torture for both ladies to get tormented with. Couple of nipple clamps and brutal boob slapping does the job perfectly. Do I have to mention that breasts are the most sensible parts of female body? Maitresse Madeline knows that and pays lots of attention to this punishment. Nothing can make a girl submissive better that her tits tortured!

Ss you might expect this episode can’t do without a strapon humiliation. Lots of people are big fans of lesbian BDSM scenes where one slave is forced to fuck another. This is the exact thing that girls have to do today. One of them is tied up by Maitresse Madeline and put on her back while the other is on her knees and having a plastic cock attached and used for penetration. Madeline is constantly whipping both ladies to make their training even more exiting. She even uses her pretty butt to do the facesitting. I wonder what the girl at the bottom feels right now: fucked with strapon cock and smothered by sexy ass!

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It looks to Maitresse Madeline that both of her slaves are educated enough so it is time to leave them in the office alone, both naked and tied to each other. After a few last strokes of a bamboo stick mistress leaves the room and helpless girls would have several hours to think about their behavior. The masterpiece of BDSM training!

I was trying to describe the episode briefly, but there is lots of fun left outside my post. Maitresse Madeline did much more kinky things to her slaves and the full version of the action shows them all. Click the banner below to go to the Whipped Ass where the HD movie and a huge picture gallery can be downloaded or watched online. Have fun and come back for more sexy BDSM by Madeline!

Two femdom slaves dominated by Maitresse Madeline

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You would probably expect Maitresse Madeline to be as good in femdom as she is in lesbian BDSM. This lady won’t disappoint you: she has enough dominating power to handle not just one but two male slaves at a tame! I am really happy with the fact that the Divine Bitches website has everything photographed and shot on video so I can entertain you with this amazing action.

Two slaves under Maitresse Madeline controlFemdom trampling by dominatrix MadelineBalls crushing by sexy Maitresse Madeline

The kinky thing about today’s Maitresse Madeline femdom punishment is the fact that she is doing this ebony and ivory style: there are black and while slaves are being trained together. What a creative approach to femdom BDSM!

Dominatrix has her both boys tied up: the ebony lies on his back being bound with leather straps while the while male is on his belly, exposed on the table. Femdom queening and trampling are the things Maitresse Madeline is good at and black slave realizes this fact very quickly as the lady tops him violently. He licks her pussy wile a chap whore while she ties his cock and balls with lots of rope.

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The white slave takes his turn to become Maitresse Madeline bitch and goes on all fours to be fucked in his ass. Madeline uses the biggest rubber cock she could find to penetrate the worthless slave. The other femdom worm is kneeling besides and watching the action. It will be his turn soon to get an ass violently abused by beautiful woman. What a threesome!

Maitresse Madeline punishes slutty fashion model

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maitresse Madeline can take care about girls as well as the boys. Sexy dominatrix has enough BDSM experience to run lesbian training the same way as she does the femdom punishments. Here is one of these kinky episodes, where Madeline is being asked to train lovely MILF model to pose in front of the camera.

Everything goes normal at the very beginning: the blonde girl doing her modeling job nicely while Maitresse Madeline is taking pictures. But then it is come obvious that something wrong with the model. Maybe it is about the fact that she is a whore deep inside: girl pulls up her dress too much and takes really kinky poses. This upsets Maitresse very much and she decides to teach slutty model a lesson: BDSM training will work fine.

Lesbian whore gagged by Maitresse MadelineBound slave forced to lick sexy assBound strapon sex by Maitresse Madeline

Maitresse Madeline quickly pulls down the blue dress that busty whore is wearing and ties girl’s hands behind the back. It is totally clear that Madeline is a true professional in the field of bondage ties because it took her just a few moments to tie a slave down and put helpless girl on her knees. With a red ball gage put deeply in her mouth, enslaved MILF looks really sexy!

Then Maitresse Madeline throws her sub on a couch and performs a nice facesitting. What do you think about this couple? Pretty sexy huh? One classy woman is lying on her back all tied up and helpless while the another lady is sitting on her face. Smelling that shaved pussy of Maitresse Madeline should be pretty nice way of spending time!

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Then there goes the pussy torment. Dominatrix has exposed slave tied to sofa with her legs spread wide. Unable to move, bound lesbian has nothing to do but watch the way her pussy is being whipped and violated with painful electric discharges. Slutty bitch deserves that torture!

It is normal when bound lesbians are getting fucked at the end of a bondage scenes. Today is not an exception and bound fashion model receives lots of strapon sex. Still bound with ropes and totally helpless, she accepts huge rubber cock in both of her holes: pussy and ass. Looks pretty exiting: when one sexy girl fucking another in bondage. I guess you would like to go there to help those bitches in their hardcore job? Maitresse Madeline would love to have you near, to help her to fuck that bitch!

Maitresse Madeline can do femdom as good as lesbian BDSM

Thursday, November 25, 2010

There are a lot of femdom sites over the Internet lately but the sad thing is that most of them are just boring or made by lame people. Luckily mistress Maitresse Madeline have enough experience and taste to direct the finest female domination episodes that both: look good and full of true BDSM passion.

Let me walk you through one of these kinky training sessions where Maitresse Madeline shows up her professional skills in dominating man.

Lady is dressed sexy as usual. Madeline has that tight leather skirt on that fits her perfectly and there is a small corset that makes her look really classy. Pair of high heel boots and black stockings is also really nice and when Maitresse Madeline is posing with a whip in her arms it is just impossible to take the eyes off her.

Femdom slave licking Maitresse MadelineMaitresse Madeline spanks nude slave OTKMaitresse Madeline takes control over ejaculation

Maitresse starts dominating the slave as soon as she enters the room. The sub is undressed already and mistress starts by putting nipple clamps on his chest. Over the knee spanking is always a good start for a female domination. Lady Madeline bends the slave over her knees and spanks his butt with her bare hand. After just a few minutes of spanking, white but turns its color to pink: what a lovely punishment!

You know that female domination is not only just about pain. It is about humiliation also. That’s why Maitresse Madeline takes out a big plastic cock and sticks it deeply into slave’s ass hole. This simple but very effective thing will make him feeling a worthless whore. To make it even more embarrassing for the sub, Madeline explores this cock and measures it.

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After small foot worship, where kneeling slave was licking sexy high heel foot of the mistress, she gags the worthless worm with dildo gag and takes off her panties. Lady lies down on her back and spreads her sexy legs so kneeling male could penetrate her with plastic dildo attached to his mouth. It looks like dominatrix is pleasured by his performance because her shaved cunt is getting wet almost instantly.

Satisfied by the slave boy, Maitresse Madeline is now ready for the next punishment which is all about laying male down on his back and trampling him a bit. Would you like a beautiful lady like her to crawl all over and tease you with her long legs and perfect breasts? It looks like slave enjoys this very much because his cock got hard in just seconds. Madeline took full control over the ejaculation process and applied nasty handjob to that hard penis. After few denied orgasms she finally allows the boy to come and slave spreads hot cum all over the place. Dominatrix got her arm stained with sticky sperm: what a kinky moment!

Lesbian abducted and fucked by Maitresse Madeline

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I’m always getting thrilled with the way Maitresse Madeline does her dominating job. This beautiful lady is using her experience in BDSM like no one else. Horny mistress not only looks good but also has cruelty that is required for being a successful dominator.

Girl abducted by Maitresse MadelineBDSM lesbian got her pussy violated with fingerBound woman tortured by Maitresse Madeline

Today Maitresse Madeline have abducted an innocent girl on the parking lot and used that dark and unpleasant place as a BDSM training chamber. Madeline used piece of rope to tie her slave arms behind the back and then instantly ripped girl’s clothes off. What do you think about that lovely lassie standing fully exposed, cleave gagged and humiliated by the mistress? I wonder what you would feel if there will be a finger inserted in your pussy brutally. That is a humiliation and today’s slave got plenty of that. Being fucked with a finger is just the beginning of her torment.

At the very next scene helpless girl has been taken to the janitor room and thrown on a bed. Lots of black rope were used by Maitresse Madeline for tying up the slave. With the rest of her clothes took off she looks a really sexy lying there ball gagged and totally helpless. Maitresse uses this chance to punish bound girl with hardcore strap on sex. You should go and see the full length video of this scene because it shows every single moment of bizarre lesbian BDSM action.

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Bondage abduction ends up with another kinky scene where Maitresse Madeline is having her sub tied up with her legs spread wide and pussy fully exposed with couple of clamps. Hi-speed vibrator is applied to girl’s clitor while there is a huge rubber cock inserted in her but. Watching these girl orgasming at the same time is a really exciting thing. Maitresse Madeline knows how to pleasure the bondage slave and the BDSM fans, who is watching this in Internet!

Who is Maitresse Madeline?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maitresse Madeline is one of the most successful BDSM personalities in the modern adult entertainment industry. She is a well-known producer, director and performer in the niches of domination and bondage training.

Maitresse Madeline frequently appears on lots of popular bondage and fetish websites where she is acting as BDSM mistress and using her dominating skills to punish and to train slaves. Madeline does not limiting herself to one particular niche. She does lesbian BDSM as well as female domination. Sometimes Maitresse takes the slave side and fall into the submission.

Having years of experience allows Maitresse Madeline to take full control over male and female slaves. Lady spends a lot of time and effort to share her knowledge about the darkest sites of human sexuality.

Maitresse Madeline is using full range of equipment and techniques in her BDSM sessions: starting from classic bondage and sophisticated torture devices and the ending with verbal humiliation and or orgasm denial. Madeline prefers every slave training episode where she takes part in, to be photographed and shoot on video. Currently her professional portfolio has hundreds of scenes so there will be a lot of interesting things posted here.

As well as many other adult performers, Maitresse Madeline has her own trademark and it is related to the way she looks. Dominatrix pays a lot of attention to the clothes she’s wearing during the BDSM scenes. In most cases mistress prefers strict dresses, tight corsets. Pantyhose, stockings and kinky lingerie are the most commonly used fetish attributers used by Madeline as well as latex clothing. She is also a big fan of high heel footwear and currently has a huge collection of kinky shoes.

Maitresse Madeline is running her own website as well as performing on a number of very popular BDSM sites. Join Maitresse in her journey to the world of darkest fetishes: bondage, humiliation, sassification, facesitting, trampling, whipping and many others.